Other Activities

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What's Missing?

You will need: 
one plate or tray
several small household objects (5 is usually a good amount)
one towel or cloth large enough to cover the tray

Show children the objects on the tray
Name each object and have children repeat the names
Cover the tray
While the tray is covered, carefully remove and hide one object
Remove cover and ask children to name what is missing

As children get good at this game, you can have more objects on the tray

Guess the Object

You will need:
One fabric drawstring bag
Several small objects that can fit in the bag

Show children several small objects
Without letting children see, place one object in the bag
Help a child put their hand in the bag while not looking inside
Have the child feel the object and guess what it is based on touch

Place a few of the objects in the bag and ask the child to feel around and select a specific object without looking